Ruby Von Gelder's Maiden Voyage

Ruby Von Gelder's Maiden Voyage: Captain's Log
Before the Storm

You all are partaking in Ruby Von Gelder’s maiden voyage from your home, the continent of Obscurité, across the Groot Ocean. For various reasons you all have decided to leave Obscurité to seek out a new life and new adventure on the continent of Schatten. Intercontinental travel was rarely done prior to the past 50 years. And even with that, it has only really started to kick off in the last five. Ruby Von Gelder is an old ship which has been slightly repaired and modified for the journey, and this is her first trip across the dangerous ocean waters. Due to its risky nature, and subsequent cheaper fare, the Ruby Von Gelder holds the poor and rejected from across Obscurité. People running from their past, their future, or the normal order of things. People seeking a new life filled with new opportunities.. Or those looking to escape what is to come. War. Sickness. Famine. It has already begun to spread… slowly.


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